Organization & Workplace engagements


BAPT performances run from half-an-hour to one-hour-and-a-half. They are energetic, meaningful and interactive. BAPT performs for people of all ages, races, genders, classes, creeds and religions. The ideal audience size ranges between 35-100 people, depending on population and theme.

Staff Development

BAPT offers a whole or half day workshop for a staff within a specific organization in which the Playback method emphasizes one or more of the following themes: team-building, communication skills, mediation, leadership or creative brainstorming.


EDI Equity, Diversity, inclusion

Big Apple offers a multifaceted learning and processing approach to organizations who have clear topics and visions for professional development. Our EDI program blends workshop, playback theatre and what we like to call our ‘practice based learning modules” around the topics of Equity, Diversity, and Inclusion.

Our EDI practice-based learning experiences are a combination workshop/performance with very specific learning objectives. In this form, we solicit information from the organization well in advance and script scenes that deal with the topics they want to address. We show an interaction gone wrong, and then invite participants to replace someone in the scene to improve it. This approach is based on the work of Augusto Boal and a field of work called Theatre of the Oppressed. We call it practice based learning because participants actually get a chance to practice difficult conversations and interactions and learn from that practice in a safe environment.

We have found that allowing participants to experience how a  scenario plays out in real time can help elevate the topics from a simple lecture or discussion as well as help address the diverse learning styles of adults.  The participants can experience pitfalls around the issues and ‘rehearse for life’ using real tools that the organization wishes they acquire. This approach is designed in close partnership with client organizations’ to tailor the topics and approach specifically to serve  the needs of the group at hand.

Invite us into your organization

Invite us into your organization

The performance didn't go just OK, it was probably the strongest part of the day. It had people in tears.  It was one of those 'magical' just right performances where the stories where so on the mark and complementary and the troupe did it marvelous justice! Viva the playback.”


— Phil Speiser,

Director of Boston Institute for Arts Therapy