Share stories to connect and engage 


Big Apple Playback Theatre can assist your conference delegates to connect, open dialogue, reflect and engage.

Playback Theatre is unique in its way of connecting people and opening dialogue. In a conference setting Playback Theatre assists in opening up the group to sharing from lived experiences and from their heart as well as their mind.

Playback Theatre can focus on the content and theme of any conference content through our interactive story-based performance.

Playback can be utilized in any part of a conference program but is most effective in the beginning or the end of a conference or seminar.


Playback Theatre invites the audience to share their experiences and to open dialogue.

Playback will get people talking and sharing. 

Stories of where people have come from, what they hope to learn and their connection to the theme and subject of your conference will be invited and shared.


The reflection and sharing of what has transpired and been learnt can be told through stories and experiences.

Playback invites a diverse range of voices to be heard and shared and is an engaging way to open the reflection and invite the question, what is the next step forward?


"The Playback Theatre was most valuable....hearing other people's stories"

- participant at the 2nd Annual Sickle Cell Disease Symposium


"What an extraordinary group BAPT is, and what a wonderful dimension you added to our "Moving Forward" Conference."

- Julie Davis Carran, Co Chair, Westchester Martin Luther King Jr. Institute for Nonviolence